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Stamp Duty changes spark interest from new BTL landlords

Mortgage Solutions | 10 Feb 2015

Changes to the Stamp Duty tax are having a “dramatic impact” on the buy-to-let market in London and Scotland, research commissioned by Bank of Ireland UK reveals.


Personal allowance to rise to £10,600

The Chancellor will raise the personal allowance threshold to £10,600 in the next year, £100 more than the initially planned £10,500.

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Dec 2014
EE store on the highstreet offering smartphones and 4G services

Small business rate relief doubled for a year

Small businesses have had the relief on their annual business rates doubled for the next year.

Mortgage Solutions | 03 Dec 2014

Other Tax articles


Equity release and the pension conundrum

The pension changes of next April may be the most significant event to impact on the equity release market ever, shifting the landscape and providing fresh opportunities for lenders.

Mortgage Solutions | 01 Dec 2014
Ed Miliband

Miliband savaged over Mansion Tax by Mylene Klass

Ed Miliband has come under attack for his party’s proposals for a Mansion Tax from an unexpected quarter.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Nov 2014
scales of justice

Adviser stole £30k from vulnerable clients before fleeing to Portugal

A financial adviser has narrowly escaped prison after stealing £30,000 from a vulnerable widow and her disabled son before fleeing to start a new life in Portugal.

Mortgage Solutions | 17 Nov 2014
HM Revenue and Customs

Poll result: Tax dodgers - to tell or not to tell?

The majority of Mortgage solutions readership would inform HMRC if they were aware of someone deliberately dodging their tax liabilities.

Mortgage Solutions | 31 Oct 2014
HM Revenue and Customs

HMRC pays out £400k to tax-dodge informants

HMRC paid out a record £400,000 in 2013 to people whistleblowing on tax avoidance activities, a Freedom of Information (FoI) request has revealed.

Mortgage Solutions | 27 Oct 2014

HMRC crackdown pushes tax evasion prosecutions up by a third

The number of people being pursued through the courts for tax evasion has risen by almost a third in the last year, as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) steps up its efforts to close the UK's £35bn tax gap.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Oct 2014

Sharp rise in Stamp Duty receipts

The amount of revenue generated by Stamp Duty has risen dramatically against last year, figures from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have shown.

Mortgage Solutions | 21 Aug 2014

Beckham joins celebs facing £520m bill over tax schemes

Business executives and sport stars - among them David Beckham - have been warned they must pay HM Revenue and Customs more than £520m after a government crackdown on tax avoidance schemes.

Mortgage Solutions | 09 Jul 2014
HM Revenue and Customs

Experts predict high profile bankruptcies as tax avoiders lose fight to delay paying bills

Celebrity tax scheme promoters have failed to stop the Revenue forcing their clients to pay their bills up front. Experts predict a wave of high-profile bankruptcies.

Mortgage Solutions | 23 Jun 2014

Thousands more families to face IHT bills this year

Thousands more families will be required to pay inheritance tax (IHT) this year as an improving economy and rising house prices pull them above the threshold, according to figures.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Jun 2014

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