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Star Letter Extra 21/06/13

  • 21/06/2013
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Star Letter Extra 21/06/13
Each Friday, Mortgage Solutions takes a look back at the best reader comments on the website.

Call centres in BBC programme fined over nuisance PPI calls

“We remain committed to the best interests of our customers at all time.” I am sure they are – after all their customers are the companies who are paying for the leads, whether that is another group company or an external company.

Pity they are not also committed to the best interests of the people they are cold calling!

Ray Boulger

UKIP fails in anti-council mortgage scheme bid

The council’s job is to clean the streets etc, not get involved in financial planning and risking council tax-payers money. Ridiculous.


CML slams Scottish conveyancer ‘sep rep’ move

Another pathetic attempt by the lenders to scaremonger the Scottish public. Shame on you. You all know why this is being done. Panels being cut every day for no reason.

We no longer act for our clients but bow to the high and almighty British lenders. We all know you never asked for it. The reason being it is taking away all the power you have gained within the Scottish legal profession through the back door.

Scottish Lawyers want it and we will get it. We went into the profession to act for local clients and help people not to serve as your puppets. Separate representation is coming. Deal with it! SAY YES TO SEP REP!


First-time buyers want better tax-free savings vehicle for deposit

The main issue for most first-time buyers is getting the deposit together at all, not whether their savings are taxed or not.

The tax on a typical savings return in a bank or building society of 1-2% is 0.2%-0.4% – so on £10,000 it is no more than £20 to £40 a year. Pretty much an irrelevance compared to getting the lump sum together in the first place. And they can always use ISA allowances anyway and save tax free.

I would also question the opening paragraph which suggests ‘First-time buyers believe saving for a deposit tax-free would be more effective than government schemes like Help to Buy’. How can the two things be compared? More effective in what way?

If it is increasing the deposit by a marginal amount then yes, I agree. But if it means getting more first-time buyers onto the housing ladder then no chance.

Andy Wilson

Why housebuilders are in love with Help to Buy

Interesting article. Isn’t one of the main reservations concerned with the “bubble” that Help to Buy has created and what will happen in 2017 when it is scheduled to end?

The Builders SW

Thank you for your comments this week.

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