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Closer relationships with brokers are vital to improve conveyancing – Blacks

by: David Gilman, senior equity partner at Blacks
  • 21/10/2019
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Closer relationships with brokers are vital to improve conveyancing – Blacks
Blacks hosted a broker forum in Leeds last month to debate the question “What does good conveyancing look like from a broker perspective?”


Representatives from local and national firms were asked to share what they viewed and experienced as poor practice so that we could also identify what good looked like.

While the forum recognised there were some shining examples of good conveyancing which encompass a variety of commercial models, there were also some “shockers”.

It comes as no surprise that a poor “post offer” experience for both broker and client tended to centre around a lack of communication and an apparent lack of activity by the conveyancer.

This led to frustration, emotional stress, longer completion times and even aborted cases.

Good conveyancing is not rocket science. Getting the basics right by positively engaging with the broker and client from the outset is essential.


Brokers on their side

Given that such a high percentage of mortgage business is introduced, the forum was quick to point out that more conveyancing firms should recognise that brokers are on their side.

When considering what further improvements could be made, there was little doubt that technology can be part of the solution to faster completion times and a better post offer experience.

We all empathise with the confusion and frustration clients must feel having to provide identification multiple times in the transaction.

However, it was also recognised that a more collaborative approach between all parties in educating the client and realistically managing expectations could alleviate much of any pre-completion angst.

This can be achieved through clear and regular communication, taking a pro-active stance with each step of the journey, while personalising the experience for clients in a way that makes them feel valued and part of the process.


More than cost

Good conveyancing is more than just the cheapest price.

Getting the basics right like names, address, property and lender details, taking ownership and chasing matters even outside your own control determine and influence the quality of the service given.

With cases becoming increasingly complex and less straight forward the human touch does make a difference.

Perhaps a good reminder then that for our industry, relationships and people still matter.

The conveyancing world may have some way to go in delivering on these aims, but it should acknowledge that closer relationships with brokers are a vital step in the right direction.


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