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With the stamp duty rush over it’s time to look afresh at clients’ protection priorities – Sloan

by: Rodney Sloan, head of training at Just Mortgages
  • 30/07/2021
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With the stamp duty rush over it’s time to look afresh at clients’ protection priorities – Sloan
Traditionally, a mortgage is the largest financial commitment a person will ever make and protection goes hand-in hand with that.


It is absolutely integral to the mortgage and to the importance of a person’s home.   

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that none of us are indestructible.

It doesn’t matter who you are, your age or occupation, the past 18 months has shown that, unfortunately, no-one can predict what might be lurking around the corner.  


Protection priorities differ

With the rush of the stamp duty holiday over, now is the perfect time to revisit customers.  

It is evident that over the past six months, advisers have had their foot to the floor dealing with enquiries and the challenges of tight timescales.  

Now is the ideal time to go back and review the business generated this year and to look afresh at cases, and engage in conversation with clients to see how we can help.  

The best piece of advice I can give someone advising on protection in the current market is to treat your client as if he or she is a member of your family. If they were a member of your family, what would you recommend they do?  

Never forget that each solution must be bespoke.  

Each client will have different needs and priorities. It is never a one-size fits all case when it comes to protection. On paper, two clients may present with exactly the same needs, however, those two clients may have polar opposite priorities.  


ASK for training 

At Just Mortgages, we pride ourselves on supporting our brokers with comprehensive training and management tools so that they have all the knowledge they need to give market-leading advice to clients.  

This is why we have just launched our ASK programme.  

Standing for Attitude, Skills and Knowledge, it is a four-month programme based on protection, designed for our self-employed advisers. 

Our programme also contributes towards brokers’ continuing professional development (CPD) training. The take-up so far has been fantastic and feedback from our brokers has been incredibly positive.  

We work closely with our sales managers when it comes to developing new training programmes and management tools.  

They have the same access that our advisers have to our remote learning platform, so that they are involved in formulating new modules and have a voice in shaping training programmes tailored to the needs of our advisers and their clients.  

The need for protection has never resonated with customers as much as it does in the current landscape. People have seen how devastating it can be when you don’t have the protection you need.  

This is precisely why it is important to be able to understand your client’s motivation so you can provide the best advice possible. 

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