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The enriching value of in-person events can’t be overstated – Simpson

by: Jane Simpson, managing director of TMBC
  • 21/06/2023
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The enriching value of in-person events can’t be overstated – Simpson
It has been an absolute delight to have attended a number of brilliant in-person events this year, including the Specialist Lending Events and the Buy to Let Forums.

When Covid hit, face-to-face events were quickly replaced by virtual events, and we all became accustomed to sitting behind our PCs, utilising Teams or Zoom to conduct our meetings. What started as a requirement in order to continue business, became the norm and the benefits of time and money saved on travel have seen this virtual aspect of life continue.  

A move which I fully support in part. 

The events I have attended in person this year, however, have been some of the best I have attended in my career, and I don’t think this could be replicated through online events. From speakers, exhibitors, brokers and landlords, all have upped their face-to-face game.  

Taking time out of your day to attend an event now means that those in attendance are completely focused on giving and getting everything they can out of it – and I don’t mean merchandise.  

Everyone is open to sharing information, learning, improving and speaking to as many people as possible. The specialist sector is ever evolving and one thing I am always so proud of is the community and willingness to help others in the same space.   


A chance to liaise  

I have certainly gained a lot of knowledge through recent in-person events, which I have taken back to my business, as well as forged new relationships and filled my diary with meetings that I just would not have had the opportunity to initiate if these had been hosted virtually.  

For any brokers who are still unsure if face-to-face is worth the time out of the office, I would suggest these events really do offer more, the key is attending the right ones for you and your business model. Whilst there are some brilliant virtual events and training, including some in-person events can really add value.  

In addition to the wealth of knowledge I have gained, I also had the pleasure of speaking to a wide number of both lenders and brokers. What was absolutely clear was that the people in our industry and the private rented sector are here to add real value.  

Lenders want to lend so are looking for ways to ease the restraints of increased rates and tightened rental calculations. Brokers are highly client-focused and trying hard, in a difficult market, to find the best solutions for their clients. Rapid rate changes, restrictive interest coverage ratios (ICRs) and income calculations are making the brokers’ job more challenging, but they are responding to this by looking outside the box and finding solutions wherever possible.  

Having a good relationship with a lender is never a bad thing for the broker, particularly in times when the markets are fast-paced, criteria and properties are ever more complex, and rates are changing daily. 

Attendance at events can help to forge a better relationship with lenders and gain a deeper understanding of criteria and appetite to lend in certain areas of the market.  

There is a wealth of valuable information available at the click of a mouse and I will continue to expand my knowledge through the incredible and informative podcasts and online training that is available.

But I will also be making sure I make time for face-to-face events that are the right fit for my business. 

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