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Enigio enables digitalisation of UK mortgages

by: Stephen Sandiford, market consultant, Enigio
  • 22/08/2023
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The UK mortgage and house buying process, long seen as slow and heavily paper-based, is now ripe for full digitalisation by both removing paper and automating processes.


Swedish tech firm Enigio, using its solution trace:original, already working with Lloyds Banking Group to digitalise trade documents, has now established an office in the UK to offer its innovative trace:original solution to the UK mortgage market.

Enigio’s trace:original allows any party in the house buying process to create, sign, share, amend, store and manage any form of document – completely digitally and fraud safe. Once it is created it is possible to add information such as attachments, signatures and amendments.

Nowadays all paper documents are born digital, but we then spend time and money transferring them to paper – or pdf – without the security of knowing if a document has been amended or even if it is genuine. Mortgages are one of the most document-heavy processes there is, and the industry has made great efforts to remove paper where possible. But we all know that much more needs to be done.


Speed and security

Enigio’s trace:original is now here to assist in taking the final steps, and offer certainty, speed, and the security of knowing that the document is accurate and up to date, which is a critical commodity not only when a mortgage is being processed, but also for years to come.

The document, trace:original can be launched in a matter of days. It can be accessed easily and can also be integrated with any work-flow systems.  It is GDPR compliant, since information is only stored in the document, as well as being machine and human readable.


The process

How does it work? Really simply. The trace: original user creates the document based on a PDF or free text. Once created it is possible to add information, such as signatures, at the end of the document. A signing link can be sent to multiple parties to add their electronic signatures.

Once the document has been signed by all parties it is (unlike normal PDFs) possible to perform the following operations on the digital original document:


– Add extra information like terms and conditions at the end of the document

– Add attachments

– Create a copy that can be received and verified by anyone

– Transfer ownership to anybody

– Invalidate and delete the original document


The document is secure by design. It is not possible to change or remove any information from the document, only add, which means that the complete tamperproof audit trail from inception will be available in the document. Replacing the paper process will save time, is cost-efficient and is sustainable, so there’s no need to print, reprint and mail documents anymore.

The future is here – now is the time to seize it.

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