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  • 15/01/2003
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Many lenders' websites often crash. Is this a problem with my connection, or should lenders improve their service?

There are several potential reasons behind any internet problems.

If it is not just lender sites that crash, then the problem could be at your end. You need to check your network connection settings, so ring the technical helpline of your internet service provider (ISP) who will check your settings for you.

Otherwise, you may find your ISP has occasional problems with routing. This is not uncommon, and while frustrating, there is nothing you can do about this. It is fair to say that some ISPs are better than others, so you might consider changing.

Other important factors are your modem and line. If you are using a standard analogue line, you will find this slow and even more so if your modem is not up to much. ISDN and Broadband are a better bet as both have faster transfer rates ‘ the latter is the fastest, but more expensive.

As far as lender sites are concerned, not many have got things right yet. The majority provide an information-only service with no interactive facilities. Those that have gone a step further with online AIPs and applications still have some way to go to make their sites extremely effective.

Sean Hornsby


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