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To prosper, we need less talk and more listening

by: Marc Goldberg
  • 13/09/2011
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To prosper, we need less talk and more listening
Everyone starts their working day with a clear idea of their top priorities.

However, how many of us get to the end of the day and feel we’ve barely got started on the urgent to do list?

It’s easy for anyone, regardless of how productive, senior or switched on they are, to get side tracked with the many demands of their role.

Blemain Group operates an open-door policy, as with 350 staff, we want them to feel the directors are approachable and not too busy to hear their ideas, concerns or simply to get a progress update.

Similarly, as someone who promises to always have a ‘ring me’ philosophy, I am amazed when I come across business people who won’t take calls from people they don’t know.

In this market and with increased collaboration and communication between lenders and brokers, you never know when your name might be passed on to someone else as a recommendation.

As a rule, I always return calls, because you can never predict what a new call will bring you. Ignoring them can be a big mistake in business.

It’s surprising how many times people tell you how important listening skills are in business and even more frightening how many people choose to ignore it.

This applies to both staff and intermediaries in this market.

If a lender fails to truly listen and try to understand its brokers, how will it ever gauge what they are looking for?

Similarly, if an employer falls into a bad habit of not listening to its staff, then how valued will those individuals feel?

I think it’s something we have worked hard at over the years. Fresh fruit, dress down Fridays and long service awards are all cost effective, subtle ways to make a positive working environment, where staff are made to feel valued and recognised.

As well as giving back internally, businesses should strive to give back to its local community, either through skills, time or sheer muscle.

However you look at it, recognition is vital across the board.

Collaboration is on the up and it’s about time we all took a minute to congratulate ourselves on our efforts, longevity and ever evolving businesses, and fully recognise what is important – people.

Marc Goldberg is director at Blemain Group

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