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Lenders get tough on repossessions

  • 29/06/2012
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Lenders get tough on repossessions
An increasing number of borrowers are struggling to fight off repossession as lenders begin tighten their belts, according to a report by Revival Repossession Solutions.

The not-for-profit company said that it had found an increasing number of homeowners looking for advice on how to avoid repossession.

A report by e.surv released earlier this week found repossessions were highest in Greater Yorkshire, the M62 corridor and the North East. Public sector job cuts were blamed for the increased number of repossessions in these areas.

Revival Repossession Solutions agreed that repossessions tended to be higher in northern areas but they had also seen a significant number of cases involving clients in the south.

Chief executive Luke Memory commented: “We have many clients from the south of the country who generally have more to protect in terms of equity.

“It’s far from an exact science but usually when we get a call from a southern client the equity is higher, their earnings are normally higher and conversely their arrears are higher, so the pressure is greater all round.

“Moreover, if people have a good degree of equity, this could be massively diminished should they get repossessed.

“There is more of a tendency with enquiries from the north for clients to have low or negative equity and to be experiencing significant affordability issues in relation to their mortgage payment.

“This certainly isn’t the case for all our northern clients, and we see a wide range of cases across all geographies, but it’s more of a trend in the north than the south.”

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