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A cautionary tale for lenders everywhere

by: The Insider
  • 30/10/2012
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A cautionary tale for lenders everywhere
I first encountered Mrs Malone in November 2010.

I originally described her as a Mrs Hard Done By But Doing Nothing About It. I would like to qualify that description. I had stated that she had been hard done by. After carefully looking into her case, I believe there is some smoke without a fire.

Nine years have passed since I had the misfortune to come across Mrs Malone’s case. She sued the NFU, DEFRA and anyone else within a 100 mile radius of her property over alleged pesticide poisoning. She has been proved to be making spurious claims again and again.

She totals some 50 complaints against my humble company (all rigorously logged) Each and every one we have painstakingly looked into and rejected. Poor customer you may feel. I might agree with you if she hadn’t taken 10 of them to the Financial Ombudsman. All 10 have been rejected.

We are commencing our 13th attempt to repossess her property. She doesn’t pay her mortgage and hasn’t done so for six years. Mrs Malone has successfully avoided this on numerous occasions by the simple expedient of complaining. Each complaint lodged is required to be looked into (obviously). With each complaint, her litigation action goes on hold.

However we have decided enough is enough. We have told her we are not listening to any more complaints. We have referred her to the courts to stop the repossession.

Mrs Malone told us that the courts have told her she cannot lodge any more applications for Court Hearings. It would seem everyone has had enough of Mrs Malone.

I have zero faith that this matter is going to be resolved swiftly. Mrs Malone is a maestro of using every tactic in the book. I will keep you posted.

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