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Mortgage Administrator iVENT 2018: How to package a case right first time

  • 19/09/2018
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Mortgage Administrator iVENT 2018: How to package a case right first time
Packaging a mortgage case correctly in the first instance creates a faster and more efficient process that benefits everyone involved, according to Matt McCullough, national sales manager at Aldermore.


There are vital components any fully packaged case needs to include, McCullough (pictured) said in a presentation at the mortgage administrator iVENT 2018.

In every case, paraplanners or administrators should make sure proof of deposit and proof of income are evidenced.

Income can be verified by payslips and P60s, or for self-employed for a SA302 and a tax year overview.

There will also need to be a direct debit mandate form and application declaration for that need to be signed.

And a lender needs to be told what capital being raised is to be used for in any remortgage applications.

It’s also important to only provide documents the lender asked for, McCullough added.


More requirements for buy to let

Above the standard requirements already outlined, buy-to-let portfolio cases need a portfolio schedule and a business plan.

The portfolio schedule and business plan give details of the other properties the landlord has, including mortgage end dates, which also makes it a great business generator for advisers, McCullough said.

If the applicant holds more than 10 properties a cash flow statement and an assets and liabilities statement is also required.

And let the lender know of multiple applications from one landlord, simply with a case note.


Timing is essential

As soon as the case is fully submitted, upload every document the lender is asking for at that time, McCullough advised.

Packaging a case right first time means more time to generate business opportunities or chase cases that have hit snags further down the process, he said.

This also creates a better experience for the customer, which is better for adviser business.

McCullough added: “If the underwriter has everything upfront and can review it all in one go, you’re going to get a decision much quicker, with happier clients, more likely to recommend you and better business growth.”


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