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City broking firms to offer free drinks to employees to encourage office working

  • 01/04/2022
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City broking firms to offer free drinks to employees to encourage office working
Several London-based broking firms will introduce free drink incentives to employees to encourage them to return to the office.

Incentives include free beer and wine in the office from 3pm, as well as standing reservations at nearby local bars and pubs, which the firms said also had the dual benefit of supporting local businesses.

Working from home full-time or flexible working hours have become more popular post-pandemic, with many employees now opting for remote working, rather than full-time office-based roles.

This has led some broking firms to re-evaluate their current office space, and others to explore benefits that they can offer employees to come back into the office.

The firms said the incentives will come in at the start of the new tax year, which starts on 1 April.

Speaking to this publication, one chief executive of a London broking firm, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “We really just wanted to encourage more camaraderie in an office-based setting, and remind employees that working in an office can be very fun as opposed to drinking a G&T in your trackies at home.”

Other firms confirmed there would be extra incentives that would run on Mondays and Fridays, as those were days that employees were more reluctant to come in.

One company said that it would offer a flavoured vodka bar, whilst another said a craft cocktail mixologist would come in twice a week to offer bespoke drinks to brokers. One firm said it was working on building a tiki bar with real torches in the office for special occasions.

One company said the best performing employees would also be eligible for a £100 bar tab subject to performance and the best employee of the month would be able to pick a theme for a chosen day.

A broker said: “I think this is a really great incentive as it is the one sure-fire way, apart from free food, to get people into the office. As long as they are no Corona beers in the fridge I can’t see how this could go wrong.”

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