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99 per cent scheme ‘policy-grabbing waste of space’ ‒ Star Letter 23/02/2024

  • 23/02/2024
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99 per cent scheme ‘policy-grabbing waste of space’ ‒ Star Letter 23/02/2024
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This week’s comment is in response to: Chancellor Hunt lays out plan for 99 per cent mortgage – reports

MJ said: “What another policy-grabbing waste of space that will only help put people into a negative equity situation very quickly if the so-called experts keep predicting house price falls. Of course, prices won’t fall as it will line the pockets, yet again, of the large developers like the Help to Buy (HTB) scheme has done, and indeed fuel house prices.

“Then, in turn, in a few years’ time, the next first-time buyer will be back to square one with even more over-inflated prices of a new home. All that needs to be done is get rid of stamp duty, or at least lower the amounts payable by a hell of a lot.

“That, in turn, will encourage older homeowners to move downmarket and then second- and third-time buyers will move upmarket. Market keeps moving, prices stay steady ‘ish’, first-time buyers don’t keep getting priced out of the market with all these silly ideas that only fuel prices.”


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