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Clegg brands Greek exit ‘disaster for the UK’

by: Investment Week
  • 24/05/2012
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Clegg brands Greek exit ‘disaster for the UK’
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will say no rational person would want to see Greece exit the eurozone today, warning the UK will suffer if the country leaves the single currency.

Clegg is due to make a speech at an engineering firm in Berlin today, where he will dismiss the notion that a Greek exit is in everyone’s best interest, according to the Telegraph.

“No rational person interested in the wealth and wellbeing of Europe’s citizens could advocate taking such a risk; not with Greece’s future, or our own,” Clegg’s speech reads.

Clegg will also brand Greek worries as a “dark cloud” hanging over Europe and warn that “the tree is falling and we are pruning one leaf at a time”.

Other MPs have already voiced their concerns. Yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron voiced his frustration over the lack of progress made in the previous 18 summits over the eurozone crisis.

Cameron warned other member states over the risk of contagion spreading from a Greek exit, which would have dire consequences for Britain.

He said members needed to act decisively to prevent a disorderly collapse of the euro.

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