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Metro Bank ups income multiples, adds deals, lowers rates and product fees

  • 10/02/2023
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Metro Bank ups income multiples, adds deals, lowers rates and product fees
Metro Bank has made a range of policy improvements, brought out new deals, cut rates and product fees in select ranges.

From today, the lender said it would offer enhanced income multiples of up to 5.5 times income for residential remortgage and purchase deals. This is up from 4.45 times income.

There is no minimum income multiple for the professional range, but in its core and large loan offering the minimum accepted income is £90,000.

Metro has lowered its five-year fixed buy-to-let stress rate from 7.5 per cent to 6.4 per cent.

The company has also brought back its portfolio buy-to-let deals for those who have maximum of 10 properties, or maximum five or £5m mortgages with Metro.

On the residential side, 60 and 85 per cent loan to value (LTV) have been added to its core range, with rates starting form 4.39 per cent. At 85 per cent LTV rates begin from 5.09 per cent.

Three-year fixed rates haven been added across all LTV tiers.

In all ranges except near prime, deals have been withdrawn at 75 per cent LTV while 80 per cent LTV deals in core and professional ranges have been pulled.

Metro has also brought back its legal assist remortgage deals in its core range.

In its large loan range, legal assist remortgage products have been brought back, along with 60 per cent LTV deals starting from 4.39 per cent.

Three-year fixed rate deals have also been added across all LTV tiers.

In its professional range pricing has been lowered for all deals up to 85 per cent LTV.

On the buy-to-let side, the lender has added a 60 per cent LTV product with rates from 4.99 per cent. Deals at 75 per cent LTV start at 5.39 per cent.

The lender has also added new two-year fixed rates.

Three-year fixed rates across all LTV tiers in its core and large loan ranges have been added.

The lender has reduced product fees in its core, professional and buy-to-let ranges and reintroduced legal assist remortgages.

Existing customers for both residential and buy-to-let will also benefit from reduced rates and product fees.

Charles Morley, director of mortgage distribution at Metro Bank, said: “We’re so pleased to unveil these positive changes to our residential and buy-to-let mortgage product range allowing us to help more customers who may be struggling to get a mortgage elsewhere.

“This is particularly important given today’s economic backdrop of the cost of living crisis and rising energy costs. This move further demonstrates our commitment to consumers, market confidence and the resilience of the sector.”

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