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Top 10 most read mortgage blogs of 2023

  • 22/12/2023
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Top 10 most read mortgage blogs of 2023
Insight from professionals in the market is always valued by Mortgage Solutions’ readers, as it gives a sense of the mood and possible direction of the market.

With uncertainty dominating much of this year, these opinions were as vital as ever. Here are the top 10 most read thought leadership blogs in 2023. Thank you to all who contribute to this publication. 


Tell borrowers to stop waiting for mortgage rates to fall – Hunt


The housing market is swinging back in the first-time buyer’s favour – Bamford


Think about tomorrow’s market when securing a mortgage today – Rowntree


Swap rate trends suggest current mortgage pricing is here to stay – Maddox


Smaller loan sizes ‘new normal’ for lifetime mortgages – Wilson


Now is the time to get stuck into buy to let, not abandon it – Hendry


Reports of the ‘death’ of the UK buy-to-let sector have been greatly exaggerated – Davies


A moment of base rate calm will soothe the mortgage market frenzy – JLM


Swap rates and their impact on today’s mortgage market – Cheetham


The blasé attitude towards sudden mortgage withdrawals is not good enough – Hunt

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