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Green mortgages are a ‘pointless gimmick’ – Star Letter 26/01/2023

  • 27/01/2023
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Green mortgages are a ‘pointless gimmick’ – Star Letter 26/01/2023
Each week Mortgage Solutions and its sister title, Specialist Lending Solutions, pick the top comments from our readers.

This week’s first comment was in response to: Green mortgages branded a ‘gimmick’ as rates often higher than standard deals

One user said: “I agree, it’s a pointless gimmick. If lenders were really serious about green issues, they would tell housebuilders that they won’t grant a mortgage to a new-build unless it has solar panels.

“If you can retrofit them for a few thousand pounds, building them in (and with their buying power) would cost hardly anything – and should come out of their bloated profits.”

The second comment comes from the article: Lenders expect credit to fall, demand to dip and defaults to rise in Q1 – Bank of England

Paul Smulovitch said: “As rates stabilise people are able to afford mortgages. It’s just the shock of what they were paying to what they are now needing to pay.

“What would help is lenders not penalising the self-employed anymore and going back to one lending rule for all.”

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