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Social media resolutions for 2017 – Goldsmith Williams

by: Emma Coffey, head of sales at Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
  • 19/01/2017
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Social media resolutions for 2017 – Goldsmith Williams
In 2017, I am vowing to be more organised than ever. Social media, included.

With never-ending Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram feeds invading our work and personal lives on an almost constant basis, it is easy to become overwhelmed online.

That’s not to mention the January blues. While November and December will have probably seen your social media activity spike as online shopping beckons and countless Christmas party snaps populate our feeds, it can be difficult to stay motivated to maintain ones’ social media presence in the first few months of 2017.

I would encourage you to push on, however. The first few months of the year are a wonderful time to reassess what you want to achieve with your social media presence; plan the content you are going to create to achieve that; and, get yourself organised in general.

My top tips for staying socially (media) organised in the new year include:

Have a schedule

Personally Hootsuite is my scheduling tool of choice, but there are plenty of viable alternatives out there which achieve more or less the same thing – a well-organised social media diary. Schedule in your posts daily, ahead of time, at whatever time of the day or night you prefer; across each of your networks, with ease. If you’re not using a social media scheduling tool, that should be the first thing you sign up for in 2017 (after the gym, perhaps!).

Tools like Hootsuite are also handy for monitoring trends. “Liverpool commercial district”, “property market”, “Goldsmith Williams Solicitors” and maybe even a cheeky “Emma Coffey” are a few handy search tabs I have set up, so I don’t miss a thing.

Keep a diary

Planning the specifics of your content on a separate spreadsheet, calendar or diary of your choice can help you stay focused without becoming overwhelmed.

I’m on the list

Similarly, programmes such as Hootsuite or even the Twitter platform itself allows you to create lists of users relevant to you, as to monitor their activity. It sounds slightly stalker-ish perhaps, but it’s actually a great way to stay informed and in the loop. Another perk – you can make your lists public (for ego-boosting and/or networking) or private (self-explanatory, I’m sure!).

Stay consistent and on brand

It might sound ridiculous, but even your personal account should have a consistent brand, to ensure your following remains on the increase. Is that selfie of you and your cat really useful to your overall goals?

Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark

Keeping a solid digital list of the websites, blogs and influencers relevant to you is invaluable in informing your opinion, influencing your content plan and generally inspiring you for the year ahead.

Feel free to share your 2017 social media goals with me on Twitter (@EmmaMariaCoffey) or LinkedIn (Emma Coffey).

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