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Customer service: A mortgage and a Big Mac please – Davidson

by: Malcolm Davidson, managing director at mortgage broker UK Moneyman
  • 16/07/2018
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Customer service: A mortgage and a Big Mac please – Davidson
Much these days is made of the customer experience or, better yet, the customer journey, but what does this all mean?


Ten years ago we would have described this simply as customer service, all about keeping the customer happy and delivering such a good outcome that they would happily recommend us to their family and friends.

These days that translates to a online review and the importance of amazing customer service is much more prevalent given the penchant for a potential keyboard warrior to leave the reputation of a business in tatters on social media.

As a mortgage broker I believe I’ve seen as much innovation in the last two years as I did in the last 20.

It’s all end-to-end, single date entry, and horror of horrors, robo. All of a sudden what an exciting industry to be involved in.

Finally some young blood is coming through the ranks as brokers start to grow their own advisers, instilled in their own company’s customer service values from the get-go.


Multiple routes to complete a journey

Lest we forget the customer though: how do they wish to transact with us?

Why must we insist that they do business with us our way? What if the customer who finds an automated adviser online wants to transact face-to-face?

What if a customer who has been recommended to a local broker would prefer to fill in a fact find online in their own time?

Is there in fact a broker out there among us that can truly say they put the customer right at the centre of the journey and gives them a pure choice?


The golden arches

My eating habits aren’t as good as they ought to be. Too much time on the road, sometimes gaps to fill between appointments and sheer laziness leads me to the nearest McDonald’s.

But within those walls can we find the Holy Grail of customer service?

If I desire human engagement I can park up and walk to the counter. If I can’t be bothered to get out of my car it’s the drive-through. If the drive through is busy but I’m feeling too anti-social to speak to someone there’s the touchscreen experience.

But the food and the price remain the same, entirely consistent no matter which medium the customer prefers.

Is this our Utopia? The only business in the world that lets the customer decide how to transact, not forcing one way or another upon them.


Let the customer decide

Can there be a brokerage out there among us that aspires to this?

Who has the scale, the capacity, the funding, the vision and the bravery to truly let the customer decide upon which route their journey should take?

There is no one size fits all anymore, so who will be the first to the line to offer robo/telephone/face to face/home visit mortgage advice?




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