Get to know your Equity Release Award winner: Dennis Kreijns, Just Compare Retirement

Get to know your Equity Release Award winner: Dennis Kreijns, Just Compare Retirement


  1. How did you get into the equity release/later life market?

I worked in banking at Nationwide in the finance department. I have now been an adviser for just over 10 years. What attracted me were the qualifications, career prospects, the advice-based role, and being able to help clients and their families meet their financial aspirations. 


  1. How did the equity release/later life market fare during the pandemic?

The equity release industry quickly adapted during Covid-19, and as a telephone-based adviser, my role has been more crucial than ever in providing support to my clients. 


  1. What will be the biggest changes/developments in the equity release/later life market in the immediate term and longer-term?

Naturally, dispelling myths about equity release, and educating the public about the potential to access the wealth in their home for a variety of uses, as supported by the Equity Release Council. I also think potential rate hikes. This is a very “personal” industry, so I hope that the artificial intelligence style of machine advice or bots never gets put in place.  

It all starts from the very first moments with the client – establishing their needs, identifying and advising where equity release may not be right for a client, and at fact find stage ensuring that the product being recommended is absolutely right for the client. 


  1. What are the biggest opportunities or challenges in the market in the immediate term and longer-term?

Opportunities for growth include product innovation, more lenders coming to market providing more choice, the UK’s ever aging population and power of the internet to be able to compare the market to find the best possible plans available. 


  1. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

You need to be readily available, seven days a week, to support clients and show complete dedication in always providing the best possible service. Of course, this is something I now live by. To this end, as the years have passed, client feedback has always shown that I am dependable and someone who consistently exceeds service expectations – always striving to go above and beyond to deliver the best outcomes. 


  1. How do you think you differ from other advisers?

I genuinely care about helping my customers, finding solutions and making the whole journey a smooth and pleasant experience. What I feel sets me apart most of all, is my ability to provide exceptional business volumes whilst always maintaining the highest standards in everything that I do – from compliance to best advice, to best customer service. 


  1. Is there anything else you want to tell us?

A key part of my role is helping to grow and support this vitally important industry. I play an active part in championing the work of the Equity Release Council – an organisation that myself and Just Compare are proud to be members. We are always promoting to our clients their core values and standards, and the great work that they have always done in our industry, which is an industry that I am honoured to represent.