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When mortgage fraud is the final straw..

by: The Insider
  • 24/04/2012
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When mortgage fraud is the final straw..
Elena Butcher is a 65 year old stationery shop owner in rural Cumbria.

About 10 years ago she got involved with a man named Douglas Martin. It did not prove to be successful union. After 4 years of being on and off, she got the Police to remove him from her home. She cited physical and mental abuse.

That was the beginning. Over the following years Mr Martin has subjected her to campaign of intimidation, death threats, vandalism and behaviour typical of those who have been convicted of stalking.

During one particular incident Miss Butcher let her shop for two weeks because of stress only to find that Mr Martin had inviegled his way into the store, hoodwinking the naïve girl left in charge, and had spent two weeks running up debts against the store’s credit. He had been taking deliveries and then selling them on.

Miss Butcher discovered about this time that Mr Martin had taken approximately £10,000.00 from her ISA account because of the lax security checks at her local branch.

A further surprise was the £30,000 second mortgage she found that had been taken out against her house in her name. She believed Mr Martin and his new partner had forged documents. The police are investigating but the CPS have declined to prosecute –  a decision the police are appealing.

Miss Butcher has suffered trauma because of the physical abuse she suffered and the ongoing campaign. Despite years in therapy, she is not able to work and owes more than she can afford.

As her main mortgage company, we were not a party to the fraud. Miss Butcher doesn’t want to sell her home of 40 years, her house has too much equity for the council to assist. We have an eviction this week.

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