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Horsing around with the Olympics

by: The Insider
  • 08/08/2012
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Horsing around with the Olympics
I enjoyed watching yesterday's successful Dressage Olympic Gold Medal.

I didn’t understand what was going on. I didn’t understand why the horses had to do those tippy tappy, dancey step moves which lets be honest removed all their dignity.

I also didn’t understand why the horse didn’t get the gold medal and not the rider, seeing as they did all the hard work. But then I am an ignoramus.

I am assuming that Dog Shows and Pets do the Craziest things will be Gold Medal events at the Rio Olympics.

Either way I digress, the point was that in my humble office, the Overlords have very kindly allowed the Olympics to be placed on the big Flat Screens that are dotted everywhere like Big Brother’s Hate Stations.

Instead of displaying the fact that 40 calls are waiting for the Unhelpful Services at 9am, we now get to watch lovely, lovely Olympics.

This can prove particularly awkward when you are having to discuss an imminent eviction with our solicitors just as Phillips Idowu cocks it up in the Triple Jump.

‘Basically the property was converted into three flats without your knowledge and the Courts are now insisting that the Possession Order you hold is no longer valid.

Plus there is the implication that the work done was rather shoddy and has probably reduced not increased the value of the property, rendering a large loss on your security which won’t be recovered upon a sale of the flats. What are your instructions?’

‘Hmmmm? Oh bugger he didn’t qualify. Sorry what? Oh yeah do that.’


And so on.

These small confusions are well worth it to allow armchair sports watching, with rows of office coach potatoes revelling and being inspired to ‘go for a jog’ by Team GB. Marvellous.

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