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Brokers warned beware of losing client leads through online advice – NatWest

  • 14/02/2019
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Brokers warned beware of losing client leads through online advice – NatWest
Brokers are being warned to beware of losing lead generation sources as new players and online advice models enter the market.


With mortgage technology continuing to advance it is even more important for brokers to maintain a strong relationship with their customers, NatWest has urged.

Speaking on Mortgage Solutions Television in association with NatWest, senior corporate account manager David Toulson argued technological progress would continue whether brokers thought it was a good or bad thing.

And he noted technology and the implementation of artificial intelligence would have an impact, particularly on the remortgage market.

“It’ll be those who embrace this as an enhancement of the service being offered who will see the biggest benefit from it,” he said.

“One thing to watch for is the new entrants coming in to the market, such as Podium from Moneysupermarket, where customers have traditionally used them to search for a deal and then referred to the broker market.

“But they aim to change behaviour and act as an onsite mortgage broker and there is an impact there in terms of the lead source,” he warned.

Toulson continued by highlighting that the stronger the relationship the broker has with the client the better.

“The more touch points and engagements that they have throughout the relationship I believe the better the chance brokers have of keeping customers and that customers keep coming back to them,” he added.



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