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Just Mortgages launches menopause training and support for staff

  • 15/09/2023
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Just Mortgages launches menopause training and support for staff
Broker firm Just Mortgages has broadened its mental health and wellbeing support with a training module covering menopause.

The module is available through its digital learning platform, which has 23 other modules, and is open to all members of staff.

It covers how the menopause works, the impact it can have and the support that is available pre-menopause, during menopause and for partners too.

The training strengthens existing support for employed and self-employed brokers and employees through respective assistance programmes.

Staff can also access a confidential service so they can get confidential health and wellbeing support from Health Assured.


Menopause affects 13 million women

Sian Musial, regional training manager at Just Mortgages said: “When you consider the menopause impacts 13 million women in the UK at any one time, it’s so important that employers provide the necessary support.

“That is especially true with something that is a natural part of the course of life and yet is so often underserved and unfairly seen as taboo.”

She added: “Through the training, we’re able to take a candid look at the menopause, explore the symptoms and break down the barriers and misconceptions that surround it.

“Most importantly, we can highlight the wealth of support available to help those experiencing this life event, as well as for partners in helping the women in their life. I’m so proud to launch this new module and to already hear positive feedback from across the business.”

Rodney Sloan, head of learning and development at Just Mortgages, continued: “It’s fantastic to be in the position where everyone through the door at Just Mortgages receives comprehensive wellbeing training, as well as a resource of online modules that is ever-growing and available 24/7.

“The aim is to give brokers and staff the tools to nurture their own wellbeing, all while giving our business principals, managers and leadership the skills to recognise needs within their own teams.”

He continued: “As the market continues to present challenges for brokers, we’ve been really encouraged by increasing appetite and engagement with both the learning and development programme and the health and wellbeing support that is available.”

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