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Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter opens invite for ‘Walk and Talk’

  • 11/04/2024
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Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter opens invite for ‘Walk and Talk’
The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) has launched its Mental Health Awareness Week with an invite to Walk and Talk, with three of the charter’s supporters doing a sponsored 125-mile hike.

The mental health event will run from 13 May to 19 May and aims to “promote physical activity and better communication as key ways to boost emotional and psychological wellbeing”.

Jason Berry, MIMHC co-founder and group sales director at Crystal Specialist Finance, Will Lloyd Hayward, fellow MIMHC co-founder and group chief operating officer at Brightstar Financial, and Jonathan White, director at Number Fifteen Recruitment, will go on a 125-mile walk.

The walk will go from Crystal Specialist Finance’s office in Tamworth, West Midlands to HSBC’s office in London’s Canary Wharf.

Berry, Hayward and White will walk an average of 25 miles over five consecutive days to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity for mental wellbeing and raise money for charity.

To support the team, follow this link:

To find out more information, follow this link:


‘Let’s get talking’

Along the route, the trio will be joined by: Jane Benjamin, director at Connect for Intermediaries; Kath Stagg, principal/owner of Stagg Mortgage Services; Darrell Walker, head of mortgages sales and distribution at Moda Mortgages; Peter Gwilliam, director of Virtus Search; Bob Hunt, CEO of Paradigm Mortgage Services; Richard Howes, director at Paradigm Mortgage Services; Tom Hunt, relationship manager at Paradigm Mortgage Services; Kris Corns, operations director of Crystal Specialist Finance; Scott Howitt, sales director at Chartwell Mortgage Services; Andrew Milnes, business principal at MAB; and Rob Oliver, distribution director at Dudley Building Society.

Jason Berry, MIMHC co-founder and group sales director at Crystal Specialist Finance, explains: “The message is simple – let’s get walking, let’s get talking and let’s ensure the best possible mental health for those working in the mortgage sector.

“MIMHC’s new Walk and Talk 2024 initiative aims to achieve this by raising awareness of the many mental health benefits of exercise while also stressing the importance of having full and frank conversations about the way you’re feeling when these become necessary.

“Will, Jonathan and I are all apprehensive about covering the distance we’ll be walking, but we’re certainly looking forward to some good conversations while raising money for a cause close to our hearts.”

The initiative will take place during Mental Health Awareness Week which is also focused on the importance of physical movement for mental wellbeing.

Lloyd-Hayward added: “We’re inviting everyone to join us on this journey towards better mental health.

“Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re also encouraging everyone to track and record their step count – as well as share their photos and personal experiences – using the hashtag #walkandtalk2024.

“A mystery prize will be awarded to the mortgage sector individual who undertakes the most steps between Monday 13 May, and Sunday 19 May – although the steps must be validated using a suitable device… Jason, Jonathan and I are not allowed to enter!”

“Together, let’s raise awareness, spark conversations and support each other in prioritising mental wellbeing – one stride at a time.”

The MIMHC was launched in 2021 to create a culture of openness and compassion surrounding mental health for all mortgage professionals through greater understanding, discussion and support.

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