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Mortgage broker Burrow launches TV advert

  • 01/11/2017
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Mortgage broker Burrow launches TV advert
Digital mortgage broker Burrow has launched a TV advert on a budget of less than £10,000, in a bid to distinguishing its brand from established financial advice companies.

A kangaroo named Nick features in the TV ad and appears to be relaxed about the home buying process – after receiving a mortgage report from Burrow.

The online broker said it didn’t want the advert to be mistaken for a “traditional” financial services provider.

The adverts will appear on More4, Discovery, Sky (Home, Living) and Eden.

Burrow said it is expecting the campaign to generate at least 1.2 million impressions from around 200 spots.

The ad was developed on a shoe-string budget after Burrow’s head of mortgages called in a favour from his brother who works in the creative industry.

He helped develop and execute the advert “at a fraction of the cost” of a typical TV campaign.




Budget TV advertising

In another money-saving move, the voice-over on the ad is one of Burrow’s own mortgage experts known as Guiseppe.

Introducing the advert in a blog post online, Bradley Fehler, Burrow’s head of growth, wrote: “TV time is notoriously expensive but we were sure we could find something to fit our budget if we were smart (much like finding a mortgage).

“Bootstrapping is in our DNA and we are constantly trying to gain the maximum amount of learnings as fast as possible for the lowest amount of spend.”

Prior to launching on TV, Burrow ran several creative experiments on Facebook and YouTube.

Burrow said it wanted to increase its communication channels and opted for a TV campaign as previous marketing activities came to an end.

It comes after online competitor Habito released a primetime TV advert in September.

John Charcol’s tube-based ads and London and Country’s daytime campaign are among other high profile mortgage broker campaigns.

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