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Change Makers: Transforming the mortgage industry for the better

  • 10/02/2023
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Change Makers: Transforming the mortgage industry for the better
Last year, Mortgage Solutions and sister publication Specialist Lending Solutions launched the Change Makers initiative to promote those who had helped make the industry fairer, more balanced or more sustainable. In 2023, we intend to go even further in highlighting those brilliant individuals both in our editorial and at our events.

The Change Makers project was launched in 2022. We wanted to highlight those individuals who had delivered either diversity and inclusion or sustainability initiatives to make our industry fairer, more balanced, or more environmentally conscious.

We were looking for those people who had gone beyond their regular day-to-day role and who provided positive change for their business, customers, or the wider industry.

At last year’s British Mortgage Awards in July and the Specialist Lending Awards in September, we acknowledged 42 individuals who had made an outstanding contribution to the industry. There were no finalists or winners. We were looking to recognise all those who had demonstrated their ability to develop and deliver a genuine transformation within their business or within the wider industry.

The impact of their initiative may have been relatively small, or it could have had a far-reaching impact across a significant part of the market. However, all our Change Makers showed evidence of how they had promoted the green agenda, encouraged inclusivity and the representation of diverse groups or helped to improve the standing of those less well represented within the industry as a whole.


Why the Change Makers initiative?

There is a commercial reality that diversity and inclusion is good for business; we need to attract more people of all abilities, genders, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations into the market and improve their mobility within the mortgage industry.

We want to contribute towards creating an environment in all companies where people can be their true selves and want to showcase trailblazers so they can become role models and inspire the next generation.

We want to give recognition to all individuals who have made a truly positive contribution within their business or the wider industry in the last 12 months.

What now?

Over the next 12 months and beyond, Mortgage Solutions and Specialist Lending Solutions will be looking to expand the Change Makers initiative both in our editorial and at our events. We will be featuring extensive coverage of those who have helped make positive transformations including exclusive interviews, blogs, podcasts and videos.

At our key awards ceremonies, The British Mortgage Awards and The Specialist Lending Awards, we will once again be celebrating those people who can proudly call themselves Change Makers.

For more on the Change Makers initiative and to see a full list of Change Makers, see the dedicated Change Makers portal.

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