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Hawaiian shirts and flip flops would be welcome in broker offices – Star Letter 01/04/2021

  • 01/04/2021
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Hawaiian shirts and flip flops would be welcome in broker offices – Star Letter 01/04/2021
Each week Mortgage Solutions and its sister title Specialist Lending Solutions pick the top comment from our readers.


This week we’d like to thank our readers for joining in with a little April Fools’ humour to put a few smiles on our faces.

The first comments came in response to the story: High street lenders to allow beachwear in offices and when meeting brokers, with advisers reacting to the almost unbelievable news. 

Sox said: “Clearly the ‘coconut six’ are exactly that – nuts!  

“I don’t want to see any professional at work in swimwear, thank you very much. Ladies can wear many blouses and dresses that are cool yet smart. 

“Men can certainly ditch the ties, but a smart short sleeve shirt would still offer comfort and look smart. Even go Hawaiian if you wish, but I do not think t-shirts, jogging bottoms and swimwear are appropriate work attire if you are visible. Call me old fashioned.” 

Paul Smulovitch was a fan of the objective, saying: “Personally, I’d love a more relaxed approach.  

“Someone being suited and booted isn’t the reason we do business, it’s the help they offer. Bring on the flip flops, albeit there are some I may not be too keen on seeing in beachwear.” 

Others saw through the Mortgage Solutions team prank, including Danielle Panteli who commented: “Happy 1st April. Very good,” and James Carter who said: “Ha ha – you do know what the date is? ‘Rolf Lopia’.” 


Working from home leading to ‘incompetent’ services 

On a more serious note, the story ‘Lenders need to get staff back in the office’ to improve service – Marketwatch, also got some attention. 

Clinton Green said: “Having spent sixty minutes on the phone several times trying to reach lenders, I could not agree more.  

Working from home saves money on offices, but you do try and avoid using lenders that are offering such an incompetent service. 


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